Corporates iconHelping businesses sustainably access markets, develop innovative products and strengthen local community ecosystems.

FHI Partners works with companies who see competitive value in solving society’s toughest challenges. We help optimize their corporate social responsibility efforts and apply a shared value approach to achieve sustainable results.

We serve as strategic advisors and programmatic partners to corporations, helping them achieve their strategic goals, optimize their commercial objectives and increase their contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

What We Do

Facilitate market access
The depth of our global presence — in more than 60 countries — provides us unique perspectives and insights into the needs, challenges and opportunities within local communities. We leverage our knowledge in the emerging markets where we work to help corporate clients address key constraints to their commercial success.
Enhance product development
We form strong relationships with partners at every point in the value chain to develop innovative products that meet real needs and connect with customers around the world. We do so by building on our history of rigorous research, product innovation and extensive knowledge of local populations.
Optimize workforce capabilities
In both emerging markets and the U.S., we provide specialized skills training to help corporate employees adapt and grow in lockstep with the changing needs of the organization and market—building a pipeline of talent for the future. We also work with clients to provide opportunities for their team members to advise social sector leaders in low-resource settings. In addition to creating real impact, offering these types of meaningful experiences helps corporations retain top talent.
Mobilize local ecosystems
We leverage our knowledge of local ecosystems to work with both local and international stakeholders in addressing key constraints to growth and sustainability. Our deep expertise in education, workforce development and civil society strengthening along with a global network of in-country public and private partners, provide a foundation to:

  • Strengthen supply chains
  • Navigate regulatory requirements; and
  • Create an enabling environment for increased productivity and growth.