Corporate Foundations

Corporate foundations iconHelping corporate foundations improve and align strategies, strengthen programs and optimize workforce engagement.

FHI Partners works with corporate foundations that seek to have a transformational and sustainable impact in the communities in which they operate and on issues or areas that are of greatest relevance to their business and society.

We serve as strategic advisors and programmatic partners to these foundations and their corporate social responsibility teams to address critical needs where we can collectively achieve catalytic and meaningful impact. We enable foundations to leverage their corporate expertise and capabilities for maximum effectiveness.

What We Do

Strengthen programmatic effectiveness and impact
We design and co-create programs with our corporate foundation partners that build on FHI 360’s expertise, presence in country, relationships with local stakeholders and program implementation success to achieve mutually established goals. We continually monitor and evaluate initiatives against clearly defined metrics to enhance impact.
Develop effective tools and strategies
We leverage the full breadth of FHI 360’s expertise to develop tools and strategies that enhance the effectiveness of our corporate foundation partners. These may include:

  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement
  • Country market and labor assessments
  • Work-based learning approaches and toolkits
  • Gender landscape analysis and integration frameworks
Optimize the capabilities and expertise of the workforce
FHI Partners works with corporate foundations aiming to enhance the well-being of the communities where they are located. We assist corporate foundations to craft solutions that leverage the skills and engagement of their employees more effectively while also promoting employee professional development and growth.