Our Platform

FHI Partners is a nonprofit subsidiary of FHI 360 that uses an agile, client-centered business model to allow a wider variety of partners to access the full range of FHI 360’s services. Our global platform provides a foundation for significant on-the-ground effectiveness with:

In-country presence – operating programs in 60 countries and with offices in over 40 countries allows us to engage local stakeholders and deploy teams quickly to meet corporate and /or foundation needs

Experience in complex markets – a deep understanding of nuanced issues and trusted working relationships with governments, private sector and local communities built over four decades of successfully navigating challenging country environments

Deep technical expertise – more than 4,000 professionals with areas of expertise that span the human development spectrum to drive results

FHI Partners leverages the programmatic excellence of FHI 360 to achieve results for our clients. We also draw upon the FHI Foundation to understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the philanthropic community. These linkages across the FHI family of organizations allow us to identify strategic opportunities to maximize collective impact through peer-to-peer convening, thought leadership and the strategic alignment of resources.

About FHI 360

FHI 360’s staff includes experts in health, education, nutrition, environment, economic development, civil society, gender, youth, research, technology, communication and social marketing. Our unique mix of capabilities positions us to offer an end-to-end approach to today’s interrelated development challenges. FHI 360 serves more than 60 countries and all U.S. states.

FHI 360 is committed to the principles that have guided the organization for over 50 years. Its work is grounded in rigorous science-based approaches, strengthened by diverse partnerships and focused on building the capacity of individuals, communities and countries to reach their highest potential.

FHI 360 is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina with additional U.S. offices in Washington, D.C.; New York City; and Atlanta, Georgia, as well as country offices around the world. To learn more, visit www.fhi360.org

About the FHI Foundation

The FHI Foundation was established in 1990 from the proceeds of the sale of Clinical Research International (CRI) to further the development mission of FHI 360 in the United States and globally. Since then, the FHI Foundation’s support has ranged from funding groundbreaking work in HIV and AIDS and strategic initiatives, such as integrated development, to stimulating new ideas and incentivizing innovations.

The FHI Foundation’s unique impact investment model and the establishment of its endowment from the successful sale of a commercial venture, are part of FHI 360’s proud history of market innovation. To learn more, visit www.fhifoundation.org